Helping Families in Crisis Keep Their Pets

Foster Care Services

Spirit's greeting Dear Supporters, Clients, Volunteers and Foster Families of Foster My Pet,

Since 2010, Foster My Pet has helped over 120 pets of people in need and countless pet owners who called in need of advice, counseling and help with their pets in the greater Twin Cities area.

Foster My Pet was founded by Daniela von Arx, an animal care worker in the Twin Cities, who saw many animals being permanently surrendered to area shelters when what people really needed was temporary foster care for their pets.

During the past three years, we discovered there are many more people with pets who need help than there are foster care providers. That is why Foster My Pet is excited to focus on providing veterinarian-lead workshops to rescues and the public to learn how to offer foster pet services.

Therefore, over the next few months, Foster My Pet will focus on developing training programs for animal shelters, rescue organizations, and foster caregivers. We are suspending foster services until further notice in order to fully embrace our next step. We regret the suspension of services, but be assured we are actively working hard to find a partner organization to reinstate foster services. We hope that other organizations, who are benefitting from our training programs, will resume offering this much-needed service in the near future and will be able to help many more pets of people in need than Foster My Pet has helped so far.

The Behavior Crew of Foster My Pet will continuously offer training and behavior advice to clients who qualify for our services. Please contact The Behavior Crew by email if you are need of this service.

Foster My Pet thanks all supporters, donors, agencies and programs in the Twin Cities area for their past support of and trust in our services. As Foster My Pet is evolving, we still greatly rely on, and welcome, your financial support.

To all Foster My Pet foster families and volunteers; we are planning an appreciation event later this year, to thank you all for your amazing help. We will get in touch with you by email, to inform you of plans and a great upcoming opportunity you might be interested in.

Daniela vonArx
Founder and Executive Director
Foster My Pet Board of Directors

The Behavior Crew Program

Behavior problems are the single biggest contributor to pets being surrendered to animal shelters.

While some problems can be handled with a phone call to a knowledgeable person, far more can be satisfactorily managed with a visit from a behavior professional who can demonstrate—in person—humane and effective techniques to resolve problematic behaviors.

Foster My Pet’s Behavior Crew of veterinary technicians, dog trainers, vet students, and vet tech students provides in-home behavior consultations for people who need help managing the behavior and training of their pets.

All of Foster My Pet’s programs, including the Behavior Crew, available to those who are on some form of government assistance, or who qualify based on limited income.

Goals of Foster My Pet’s Behavior Crew:

  • To help families keep their pets by assisting them with behavioral issues
  • To help students/trainers/consultants learn current behavior techniques

The Behavior Crew will NOT deal with issues of aggression. Animals showing aggression to people or to other animals will be referred to the U of M Behavior Service.

All other behavior problems will be dealt with using up-to-date understanding of animal behavior and motivation, with positive reinforcement being our primary method of behavior modification.

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